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Date: 10/19/2020

I decided to go shopping at the F3 Exicon for new Q ideas and added in few that I thought of. Here is what we found for today’s menu…

QIC: Mountie

PAX: Walle, ScarU, FotoFinish, Dick Clark, Mountie (Q), Brisket, Dos

AO: The Rising

Warm up, quick stretching and jump right into it..

The Thang:
Round 1- REM

  1. Get some REM.. Side Straddle Hopkins to the REM classic “it’s the end of the world” with a quick burpee every time they say the song name. Official count to come but they pile on at the end of this 4 minute classic.
  2. Manmaker Merkins with 25 and 20 lbs weights- in a line with everyone doing a plank. Player 1 starts with a merkin and passes the first weight under to the next Pax, we pass them all the through and back.
  3. LBFCs (little baby flutter kicks)

Round 2 Street Sign Mosey or Concession Road 66

The back road version of Route 66, not a highway but lots of signs and stops.
1. Breath Easy – 10 count to embrace the day
2. No Planking (over/under fence dips and turkish getups)
3. LTFs- Little Tiny Fences, high steps over the fence (fun for the tall Q)
4. More No Planking (lunge jumps)
5. More Breath Easy

Round 3 – stations at the playground

  1. Play(ground) Stations- we rotated in 4 groups between dips, hanging leg ups, step ups and a mosey.
  2. Wheel of Merkins- using the curb at the playground, we did 1 set with some odd math. 12 o’clock = irkins, 3pm – off set, 6pm derkins, 9pm off set

Round 4-
NBA greats – Similar to a Wilt Chamberlin, but we do 100 (Wilt), 83 (Kobe) and 66 (MJ) instead of 100 each round.

Sprint 100 meters, 100 lbcs
Sprint 100m, 83 squats
Spint 100m, 66 flutters

Work and life going full speed for everyone, great to start the week with a Monday beat down. Plenty of options to workout this week, see you at some of them.

Add to the Q:
We’ll get to these and some others another day…

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