Back to The Future

Back to the Future' Day: The future is now ... 10/21/2015 - Pure Fandom

Great Scott! It’s 10/21, the date Marty McFly and Doc Brown traveled to in 2015. YHC decided to celebrate with a BTTF themed workout with plenty of 10’s, 20’s, Marty’s and attempting to hit 88 mph during a mosey.

Back to the future 2 10/21/15 English - YouTube

PAX: ScarU, Mountie, PhotoFinish, Dick Clark, DosEquis, Black Hole (Zoom), Brisket (Q).

Weather: 60s and extremely foggy.


Step forward stretch

Arm across grab

Elbow over grab

Leg hold each Side

Tippy Taps

Mosey Set

Mountain Climbers x25

  • Mosey around lot

Australian Snow Angels x20

  • Mosey around lot

Side Straddle Hops x30

  • Mosey around lot

Jump Squats x20

  • Mosey around lot

Imperial Walkers x30


Route 10/21
– Alternate between 10 Dips and 21 LBCs at every tree.

  • 10 Dips x 8
  • 21 LBCs x 8

Mosey to BasketBall Courts

Without any prompting, the PAX lined up at the edge of the court. Took the opportunity to run a set of heart chargers.

Heart Chargers

MARTY – the following exercises were repeated at each corner of the court

Back to the Future Day live: Is October 21, 2015 turning out like the film  predicted?

(M)ountain Climber Merkins x10x4

(A)merican Hammer x10x4

(R)everse Crunch x20x4

(T)ravolta x10x4

(Y)Plank Jacks x10x4

ScarU found a nature made map of NJ which happened to be imprinted in the BB court. This can only mean Rutgers is going to win this weekend. RU!

88mph mosey back to lot

Back To The Future - 88 Miles Per Hour - YouTube


With so much focus on the future at the moment, we have to remember to be present and appreciate the extended time we have with family and those close to us.

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