ElToro and Trigger go to NJ

15 #HIM for an ElToro and Trigger guest Q at Princeton. 

ElToro and Trigger took the long drive to Princeton together..

Once we arrived we decided we prefer other modes of transportation, including but not limited to:
hill climbs,
bear crawls and
lunge walks.

In between we did a variety of merkins, ab exercises, planks, and too many dips. The pax of F3Princeton were very welcoming. 

Date: 10/17/2020

QIC: ElToro and Trigger

PAX: Cruiser, Walle, Trailblazer, RedCoat, Trigger (Q1), ElToro (Q2), ScarU, FotoFinish, Dick Clark, Mountie, Milky Way (Black Hole Son!), Brisket, Dos, BlackHole and ShamWow (via Zoom)

AO: The Rising (Princeton)

The Thang:
Team runs on Green helmet
Dance moves, merkins and wall sits at the Coliseum
More work in the Parking Lot
and a Mosey tour of the Rising to close.

+ 2 miles covered and a lot of work.. and men got better.

-be patient and kind (especially with the dry cleaning guy)
-find the good in 2020
-Red Coat was the reason we did burpees
-Risky Business joined us
-Shamwow and Photo Finish inspire us

I enjoyed the continuous back and forth among the Q leadership as they did the workout, each Q leading an exercise or routine in turn.


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