27 degrees, 7 pax for this 12/09
Workout: Scar, Brisket, Dick Clark, Dos Equis, Red Card, Mountie (Q) and a FNG, now named Mulligan.

Today’s workout was focused on finally getting myself (Mountie) to do a kettle bell workout. I’ve been talking and thinking about it and I’m finally doing it today. Thanks to RedCoat for his recommendation of the “Kettlebell” app that laid out the beatdown.

Mosey to the Pavilion
Stretching and mumble chatter as we limber up.
Low- Widers – 3 wide merkins in cadence, move your hands in one space and repeat. Keep moving your hands closer until your doing 3 diamond merkins. Move your hands back out step by step until back in the original position.

The Thang-
Round 1 – Kettlebells
Pick up your favorite sized kettlebell and begin.
(Our F3Princeton playlist can be found at the end of this post)

Each exercise is 30secs-
Over the head
Overhead press
Over the Shoulder
Dead Lift
One-Arm Row
Wood Choppers (aka Schianos, RU!!)
(Rest for 30s)
Catcher’s Squat
Kettlebell Clean
Clean & Press
One-Arm Alternating Swing (Exterminator style)
Turkish Press
Bridge Leg Spreaders
(Rest for 30s)
American Swing
Russian Swing
Side Bends
Mason Twists (American Hammer)
Kettlebell Situps
Tricep Lifts
(Rest for 30s)
Bicep Curls

Round 2
Mosey to the upper parking lot, we wanted to show the FNG some more traditional workouts.
33s –
3 broad jumps,
3 flying squirrels,
& 30 LBCs
rinse & repeat 4x
Mosey back to the flag, stopping at the traffic circle for a quick game of duck duck goose (I was the only one aware that we were playing, mainly because I didn’t tell anyone else). After a few laps, we moseyed to the flag to close it out.

Round 3
Planks, left hand up, right hand up, left leg, right leg
break dancers
boat-canoes for the win!

COT & Announcements-
Let’s all try to wear masks as much as possible, including during workouts. Keep positive, look out for others and be safe. This is our third day with an FNG, keep showing up!!

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