This Day in History… June 12th

15 PAX met at WWCP for a lesson in history and a timeless beatdown.
Tyson, Black Hole, Aviator, Brisket Ribs, FNG Tow Path, Scar2K, Milky Way, Smokey, Photo Finish, Cruiser, Red Coat (Q), FNG 3 pointer, Dos Equis and Lafayette (final WO before Paris)

Warm up:
Good mornings
Toe touches
Plank to Pike
Cossack Squats
Deep squats
High Knee/Butt kicks

Workout (The Thang):
Mosey to upper parking lot
1665 – Britain installs first municipal government in New York City
Star jacks – 15
Reverse crunches – 15

1665 – New Amsterdam becomes New York in honor of Duke of York 
Mosey to colosseum:

1775 – During American Revolution, martial law is declared in Massachusetts. All colonists agreeing to lay down arms will be pardoned, except Samuel Adams and John Hancock who are to be hanged if captured.
Jumping knee tucks – 10
Glute bridges – 20

1776 – Virginia adopts Declaration of Rights
Mosey to lower parking lot:

1908 – Ship Lusitania crosses Atlantic in record breaking 4 days 15 hours
Side to side merkins – 15

Hollow rock – 15

1917 – US Secret Service extends protection to president and presidential family 
Money to upper parking lot:

1923 – Harry Houdini suspended upside down 40 feet above ground in straight jacket frees himself 
Burpees – 15
LBCs – 30

1942 – Anne Frank receives her diary as birthday gift for her 13th birthday 
Mosey to colosseum:

1964 – Nelson Mandela gets life prison sentence in South Africa
Box jumps / step ups – 20
Sit thrust – 20

FEBRUARY 13: Nelson Mandela gestured to supporters in Soweto two days after his release from prison in Cape Town. He addressed more than 100,000 people inside a soccer stadium saying, “during the past 27 years I have looked forward to this day when I would come back to the area I regard as home, to meet my brothers and sisters and grandchildren.” (Photo by Joanne Rathe/The Boston Globe via Getty Images)

1967 – SCOTUS ends laws against interracial marriage
Mosey to lower parking lot:

Vector gay LGBT rainbow love word. Colorful text love illustration

1987 – President Reagan challenges President Gorbachev to “break down that wall” referring to the wall separating East and West Berlin
Monkey humpers – 20
Bear crawl – 12
parking spaces 

1981 – Raiders of the Lost Ark, first Indiana Jones moves premieres
Mosey to upper parking lot:

1991 – Boris Yeltsin is elected first Russian president 
Dips – 20
Split squats – 20

1999 – War in Kosovo: US forces as part of NATO led UN force enter Kosovo in Yugoslavia for peacekeeping mission 
Mosey to colliseum:

2010 – Toy Story 3 comes out to become first animated film to earn 1 billion dollars 
Plank up downs – 15
Boat canoes 

2019 – Protesters in Hong Kong block government buildings in protests against extradition to China law 
Mosey to lower parking lot:

Cool down: 
Windmills – 15
Plank – count to 30
Side plank – count to 30
Cobra stretch – count to 30

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