7 14 21..

Who: 11 Pax showed up for the mid-week session. Dick Clark, FNG Turbulence, Thunder, Photo Finish, Risky Business, Mountie (Q), Quick Change, Scar U, Aviator and Brisket met on this sky gray day.

What: 7/14/21 won’t be around again for 100 years so we decided to celebrate the occasion with a non-mosey workout that will still get the heart rate going.

As I searched the internet for “7 14 21”, I came across this gem.. thank you Sergeant Seven, today’s workout is going to 84!

Warm Up
Arm circles
Vertical arm circles
Mountie speed tippy taps
Quad Stretching to find your true North
A few more basic stretches before we are off to… no where!

The Thang-
We were there before we knew it, here is the list of exercises for 12 rounds of 7s.

RoundExercise (all in cadence)
28Motivators (from 7 which equals 28 total)
35Squats (7 of Slow, Sumo, Ski Style, Jump Squats & Standard) Forgot about Imperial Walker Squats!! next time
42Carolina Dry Docks, 2 x 21 reps
49Dips on the fence
5614 Imperial Walkers + 7 Mountie Climbers + 14 IW + 7 MCs + 14 IWs
63Deconstructed worst merkins ever (21 wide, 21 regular, 7 good diamond)
77Bolt 45s- we did 7 of each part, twice which kinda gives us 77
84Side straddle Hopkins, straight to 84 for the win!
MoMBoat Canoes

We took our beatdown with medicine to keep up motivated.
Here are the ones I remembered:
Thunderstruck, Welcome to the Jungle, Paradise City, Spirit in the Sky, Fortunate Son, Black Hole Sun, The Stroke, Easy Street, Come a little bit closer (crowd favorite) and The Hockey Song (Stompin’ Tom Connors).

Welcome FNG Turbulence, obviously you get Turbulance when you bring the Thunder!

Count o Rama
Name o Rama
COT and it’s photo time..

thanks for letting me lead and keep showing up!


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