Animal House


0630 hrs, 9 Pax, 75 degrees and humid

Attendance:  Brisket(Q), Mountie, Risky Business, Photo Finish, Aviator, Wingman, Thunder, QuickChange, ScarU

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Stretch arm across
Stretch over elbow grab
Circle Arms
Arm Circles
DC Stretches
Plank to each leg (Runner Stretch)
Tippy Taps x10

Mosey to Upper Parking Lot

CoP – Circle of Pain

Burpees OYO (BOYOs) x10
Lunges x20
Merkins x20
Flutters x20
Jump Squats x20

Mosey back to Lower Parking Lot

Thang 1 – Animal House

Each Pax performs the following exercises across 6 lot lines while attempting to make the best related animal sound.

Frog Jumps 
(full squat to floor, jump forward back into full squat)

Bear Crawl 

Crab Walk 
(walk on hands and feet sideways)

Donkey Kicks 
(kick both feet into air, land, jump forward)

WingMan was really enjoying this workout and decided to add his own set…

Pig Hop (Thanks WingMan!)
(Low squat position and hop forward using your hands and feet)

Gorilla Run 
(Squat position, jump forward, one foot after the other)

Mosey to base of Green Helmet

Thang 2 – Partner Pyramid

One partner performs the following while the other planks and then switch and repeat.

Base of Hill – 4
25% Up the Hill – 8
50% Up the Hill – 12
75% Up the Hill – 16
100% Up the Hill – 20
Run Back down and move on to next exercise.

Complete the above for:



Rope Pull
Brotractor x5 for each Pax

COT & Photo Finish

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