Mash Up

Who: 10 Pax (Photo Finish, Dos, Mountie (Q), Dick Clark, Soul, Wall-E, Vintage, Risky Business, Aviator and Brisket) appeared in the gloom on hump day to celebrate the middle of another week

Where/When: The Rising (WWCP) 6am

What: It’s late October and the change of the seasons is in full effect. Halloween is just around the corner and it’s a great time of year to accept changes from the norm, mix things up a little. This workout is straight from the exicon, hand picking some good mash-up exercises like a kid hand picking from the candy bowl.

The Warm-up: Mountie was running late but Dick Clark jumped in a covered the stretches and we were ready to go after one quick round of Agitators (10 count style).

Thang 1:

We almost started to mosey, but the first mash-up is a mix of merkins and California Dry Docks (Carolina if you want to be specific). First exercise is Dive Bombers (10 count in cadence).

The next was a mouthful but also a crowd favourite, Imperial Squat Walker, which really should be the “Squat Imperial Squat Walkers”.

And finally, we mosey for real, with a little Ground Hog’s Day tribute in the middle. In case you don’t know, WWCP has a nice little traffic circle that makes a good GHD mosey location, this allows the Q to get the bluetooth working and catch the 6 on the way to our next stop.

Thang 2: The Upper parking lot

Now we get into the serious mash-ups where every exercise has the same feedback. The routine with mash-ups seems to be the same for all of them, you say the mash-up name, followed by confusion, groans, a quick demo, more groans and then we get to work. Then finally an always honest and excited “This is great!” from Dick Clark. Let’s get into it..

  1. Next exercise is LBFCs, or WTF? Little Baby Flutter Crunches.

Quick mosey around the upper parking log.

2. No dilema with this next one, Prisoner Cell Merkin Burpess aka PCMBs..

Another quick mosey and then more letters.

3. LBFCs, Little Baby Flutter Crunch.. these were equally confusing and unpleasant, hope to see these again soon.

4. More Merkins please!! Mountain Climber Merkins..

Thang 3:

Time for a mosey to the coliseum for the next round and the only thing more resilient than the F3 PAX is Laundry, time to do the W.A.S.H!

With the final cycle winding down, we had just enough time to mosey back to the flag for one last Mash before circle time.


A very quick version of Sleep Walkers 123 and then on to Countarama, Namerama and closing ceremonies. BYOBC (bring your own boat canoe) for next time.


We ran out of time but these were listed for honorable mention, maybe next time 🙂

As always, these gems and more are from the Exicon, plenty of good ideas are there for the taking.

Thanks for letting me Q today, always great to start the day moving. Honored to be a part of F3Princeton, keep showing up!

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