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We had a full house as 19 PAX attended the Candy-themed workout in the gloom. Knight2F3 & Wingman Q’ed the event and got us moving…5 FNGs today, who wants some candy?!

Disclaimer: Modify as necessary 

Warm ups 

Tippy Taps
Arm circles
Circle arms

Station 1 – Pick the candy 10-50 reps x 5 pieces of candy 

Zombie Walks & Mosey to Station 2

Station 2 – Pick the candy 10-50 x 5 pieces of candy

Mosey to Station 3 

Station 3 – Pick the candy 10-50 x 5 pieces of candy 


Boat Canoe

Countarama 19 !


Brisket, Cruiser, Mountie, Tropper, Vintage, Bollywood, Thunder, Risky Business, Photo Finish, Aviator, Ribs, Wingman, ScarU, Knight2F3, Ice Man (FNG), Whistleblower (FNG), Heavy Metal (FNG), Walrus (FNG), and Casbah (FNG) 


lots of gratitude expressed for the group and new FNGs.  Also all PAX told the group their favorite candy. 

Candy translator

Kit Kats = Squats 

Twix= Burpees 

Reeces Peanut Butter Cups = LBCs

M and Ms = Merkins 

Whoppers = Dips 

Heath bar = Hammers 

Oreo = No surrender 

Star burst = Star Jumps 

Skittles = Flutter 

Marshawn Lynch loves Skittles

Twizzlers = lunges 

Reeces Pieces = planks 

Swedish fish = freddies 

Peanut m and ms = plank jacks 

Snickers = Bobby Hurleys 

Hersheys = Step ups 

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