David Bowie

Written by Knight2F3, on the occasion of his performances this weekend in “A Tribute to David Bowie” at Princeton School of Rock.

27 PAX: ScarU, Casbah, Dos Equis, Risky Business, Black Hole, Mountie, Brisket, Walrus, aviator, Wingman, Babe Ruth, Slugger, Thunder, Cruiser, Dick Clark, RedCoat, Morpheus, Whistleblower, Citron, Lafayette, WallE, Side Out, Photo Finish, Rodin, Shredder, Training Wheels (aka T-Dub, FNG) and Knight2F3,Q.

 Intro and Welcome to F3

 I’m Knight2F3. Today, I will be your Q. You can’t sue me or the park (Disclaimer). 

 Warm ups

                10 motivators 

                10 monkey humpers

                10 windmills

                10 arm circles 

                10 circle arms

Described as a loose concept album and rock opera, “Ziggy Stardust” concerns Bowie’s titular alter ego, Ziggy Stardust, a fictional androgynous and bisexual rock star who is sent to Earth as a savior before an impending apocalyptic disaster.

“Changes”: Crab Walks 10 feet

 “Magic Dance”: Dips 20x

 1 lap around the parking lot.   Fact 1: He performed 3 songs at Live Aid Concert (1985): “Modern Love”, “TVC 15” , and “Heroes.” 

“Life on Mars”: LBC 30x

“Rebel Rebel”: Rosalitas 40x

2 laps around the parking lot. At an early point in his career, some people called him “David Boowie.” 

“Young Americans”: American Hammer 50x

“Space Oddity”: Side Straddle Hops 40x

3 laps around the parking lot.     “Magic Dance” is a song from the movie “Labyrinth.” 

“Modern Love”: Merkins 30x 

“Suffragette City”: squats 20

4 laps around the parking lot. David Bowie’s wife is Iman 

“Let’s Dance”: David Bowie’s (new exercise by the Q: star jump, squat, burpee)  

5 laps around the parking lot.

Boat Canoes

Countarama, Nameorama, COT sharing, “The Photo Finish.”

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