2021 – One Final Beatdown

PAX: Scar U, Mulligan, Aviator, Wing Man, Wall-E, Soul, Dos Equis, Photo Finish, Black Hole, Risky Business (Q)

On a cloudy with slight drizzle, 43 degree morning, 10 souls converged in the gloom for one last F3 Princeton Beatdown by YHC. The last three Q’s by YHC became fodder by a member of the PAX, as, “Risky didn’t plan or have any creative ideas, so he does the Hill-Ten” (or Hill-20, or Hill-13). Realizing the that this would be the last bootcamp of 2021, there had to be a theme, 2021!

YHC delivered a disclaimer, that would more appropriately labeled pure “showmanship”; which my friends, was the goal, all inspired from a scene from the movie, “A Knight’s Tale”.  Noting some of the PAX weren’t thrilled with such an exuberant disclaimer, all were in agreement to carry on such a momentous workout!

Warm Arm

–          Arm Circles

–          Circle Arms

–          Dick Clark Stretch routine

–          Jog in Place

Mosey to the pavilion

The Thang “2021” – 20  exercises, 21 reps each IC

1.       Merkins (21 count)

2.       LBCs (21 count)

3.       Derkins (21 count)

4.       American Hammers (21 count)

a.       5 Burpees (OYO)

5.       Flutters (21 count)

6.       Incline Merkins (21 count)

7.       Hello Dolly’s / Rosalita’s (21 count) – Apparently, YHC wasn’t sure of the proper position of the legs when executing the Hello Dolly’s or Rosalita’s.

8.       Dips (21 count)

a.       5 Burpees (OYO)

b.       Mosey Around the Upper Parking Lot

9.       Imperial Walkers (21 count)

10.   Mountie Climbers (21 count) – in honor of every Pax’s favorite Canadian Mountie (see you soon)

11.   Squats (21 count)

12.   Freddy Mercury’s (21 count / Scar U leading in a sing along of Bicycle)

a.       5 Burpees (OYO)

13.   Side Straddle Hopkins (21 count) – in honor of the Pax’s favorite grill master (Brisket)

14.   Lunges (21 count, each leg)

15.   Step Ups (21 count) – Pax moved to amphitheater, for more stable platform to step upon

16.   Tysons (21 count) – back to Pavilion

a.       5 Burpees (OYO)

b.       Mosey around the upper parking lot

17.   Apollo Anton Ono (21 count)

18.   Bobby Hurley’s (21 count)

19.   Rosalita’s / Hello Dolly’s (21 count) – see note on #7

20.   1 Burpee (to get a total of 21)

Plank-o-Rama (each PAX counts, until we hit 20). Aviator started and ended each count with 1 and ended at 21, therefore winning Black Jack each time. The was made possible in that he was positioned next F3 Princeton’s honorary #2 (Dos). YHC noted the excitement of the young Wing Man positioned on the other side of his 1.0, and so wanted to be #2.

Regular Plank – 21 count

Right Arm Up – 21 count

Left Arm Up – 21 count

Right Leg Up – 21 count

Left Leg Up – 21 count

Boat Canoes


Each Pax shared what was the highlight of 2021! The common theme was F3, our growth in this community and what it has done. All are excited about what is in store for 2022! YHC closed out with a prayer for each to continue to be better Husbands, Fathers, Friends, Neighbors, Employees, each contributing to help for the betterment of our community.

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