12-22-21: Palindrome Pain

With the date looking very similar no matter which direction you read it, the Q decided to pick several exercises that were the reverse of each other. With the ground being wet and the temp in the mid 30s, the PAX felt very ‘refreshed’ after the beatdown.

11 PAX: Aviator, Vintage, Casbah, RiskyBusiness, Trooper (Welcome Back!), Mountie, Scar, DickClark, SideOut, DosEquis, Brisket(Q).

Disclaimer – Aye!


SSH x 20
Mountie Climbers x 20
Imperial Walker x 20

Stretch up
Stretch forwar, arch back
Hands on Ground Straighten Legs
Hip Spreaders
Runner’s Stretch

Leg hold

Zigzag Mosey to upper lot

THANG – Palindrome Pain

5s across lot

Lbcs —> Reverse Crunches
Lunge —> Reverse lunge
Shoulder Taps —> Plank Jacks

Mosey lap

Bear crawl —> Crab Walk
Squats —> Bobby Hurleys 
Merkins —> Bridge

Mosey lap

Irkins—> Dirkins
Mountie climbers —> Donkey Kicks
BBSU —> Leg Raises

Zigzag Mosey back to the flag for Mary


Flutters x10
Box Cutters x10


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