Love the One You’re With

Written by Rodin on the occasion of his VQ

11 degrees F, 25 Pax, GMI = 46

PAX: WallE, Brisket, Morpheus, Swish, ScarU, Knight2F3, Aviator, Wingman, Babe Ruth, Slugger, Cruiser, Black Hole, Dick Clark, Photo Finish, Shredder, The Bishop, Bogey, Side Out, Risky Business, Thunder, Turbo, Dos Equis, Plumb Bob, Tanker (FNG), Rodin,

Today we will show our love for our ‘coupons’ by holding them close and not leaving its side. Every exercise will involve your coupon. The coupon will not be put down and will be held or utilized in every exercise. (We are trying to build a lasting relationship) 🙂

Warm up – in cadence-50 (25 count) side straddles-10 burpees-20 (10 count) flippers (huggers)

1st date (10 count/no rest/3 back-to-back rounds)Rocky Balboa’s, Straddle merkins, Side plank hold L/R, Friendly farmers carry (fellowship) lap around the parking lot.

2nd date  (10 count/no rest/3 back-to-back rounds) Side lunge, Salt Toss, Peter Pan hip thrusters. With the coupon pressing heavily against your —— —— — it can certainly flatten you out. (You get the name now?) Friendly farmers carry (fellowship)

3rd date Battlefield drags across parking lot and BackHigh plank position pulling your loved one to safety backwards L/R, And then forward L/R, Friendly farmers carry (fellowship)

4th date (10 count/no rest/3 back-to-back rounds)Donkey kicks L/R, Coupon swings (KB swings), Stagnant lunge, Friendly farmers carry (fellowship)

(I feel after today I need to name my coupon as our relationship has grown. It seems the decent thing to do! 🙂

Circle up (10 count no rest)Leg lift over coupon, Kick thru Plank jacks, Stationary bike bicycles

A special thanks to Scar U for introducing me to my coupon, and then suggesting last week that I take her out for a spin!!!

Countarama, Namearama, The naming of the FNG, COT, coffeteria at Grovers Mill Coffee Company

The opportunity to Q is greatly appreciated,


Battlefield Drags
Donkey Kicks

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