| 01/10/2022 | Winter Games

PAX: Mulligan, ScarU, Morpheus, PhotoFinish, SideOut, Thunder, DickClark, RiskyBusiness, Aviator, Brisket (Q)

SCENE: 30 F with enough wind to make it feel colder (See Pic). Slightly cloudy.


SSH x 25
Mountie Climbers x25
Arm circles x10
Circle Arms x10

Stretch up
Stretch forward, arch back
Fingers under toes, straight leg stretch
Hip Spreaders
Runner’s Stretch each leg

Mosey to “Brisket’s Curve” (Thanks Risky)

THANG 1 – Red light, Green light

Circle up. Each PAX runs 1 of the following exercises until they call “FREEZE”. If one of the PAX is still moving, all PAX complete 5 Burpees. If all PAX successfully FREEZE, all PAX complete 10 merkins. Complete exercises in order, repeating until all PAX attempt to make us do more Burpees.


THANG 2 – Musical Cones

Each PAX, except YHC, received 1 cone which they then had to arrange in a circle. All PAX Moseyed around cones singing our favorite nursery rhymes until Q blew the whistle. PAX scrambled for a cone to plank in front of. Any PAX left without a cone would start repeating rounds of S.A.L.T. (Squats, American Hammers, Lunge, T-Merkin), 10 reps of each. Remove a cone and start moseying and singing again until a musical cone champion is crowned.

Started off singing B.I.N.G.O. ( There was a farmer who had a dog) and if the whistle didn’t chase off the wildlife, the singing definitely did!

DickClark was the first to find himself without a cone and he quickly became a SALT master.

Next up was Twinkle twinkle little star. SideOut made sure to point out that the Q had an unfair advantage being the whistle blower. Due to COVID, there was NOT going to be any whistle sharing.

After getting to Itsy Bitsy Spider, more and more PAX we’re dropping off to join DickClark and the SALT crew until just SideOut and Thunder remained.

The last whistle blew and both SideOut and Thunder dove onto the Asphalt for a plank at the final cone and both very nearly won a concussion. SideOut emerged as the first musical planks champion!


Completed a round of Brotractors. Maybe it was the weather, but there were way too many rounds under 10 degrees with some brutally slow counts.


The temp had dropped about 5 degrees since we started and the wind had picked up. Made sure to grab a quick photo after Count and Name-O-Rama before heading home to warm up.

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