Aviator 1st Manniversary + Snow Day

written by Aviator

#AAR 1/29/2022
8 #HIM’s of @F3Princeton met on WINDY/SNOWY/CHILLY  Saturday morning plowing thru 6-8 inch of snow for a 7 AM WORKOUT/SNOWBALL FIGHT/SLEDDING at The Rising (West Windsor Community Park) followed by some fellowship & breakfast at @BagelHole.

PAX: Mountie, Dick Clark, Brisket, Munchies, Casbah, ScarU, Cruiser, and Aviator, Q
Highlights included:

  • PRE-WARMUP (SSH, Arm Circles, Circle Arms, Arms across & Arms over stretches, Next Stretches & Rotations).
  • WARMUP (2 minute Plank, Burpees – 3, Squats – 29, Pushups – 29, Lunges – 29, Mosey around parking lot)
  • Main Theme – COMPOUND EXERCISES (Glute bridge with overhead press, Calf-O-Rama, Squat to Overhead Press, Plank Drag, Plank with Side Shoulder Tap and hand release Merkin, Squat with 3 Biceps Curl, Lunge with Bilateral Raises)
  • COOLDOWN (snowball fight & Sledding)

 Thank you all for showing up and supporting my 1-year with F3 Princeton. I had a blast :blush:

Thank you, Aviator, for all that you do to make F3 Princeton a great place. We appreciate you very much. With best regards, from the Brothers of F3 Princeton

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