10102020 don’t blame the queue

One day we are waiting in a queue, angry that it isn’t moving. The next day we laugh at the same situation. Our perception is constantly changing. The challenge is in our minds, don’t blame the queue.

Andy on Everyday Headspace session Oct 10

Oct 10, 2020 is a great date for an F3 workout, it’s a no brainer to plan out the reps 10, 10, 20, 20. But more importantly (and on the brainer), it is World Mental Health Day. Mental health is a growing concern everywhere these days and as the world becomes more aware of the connection of our minds, bodies and lives, the more we recognize the benefits of our weekly beat downs with F3. Physical activity is huge for keeping us sane so I hope today’s session helped. The beatdown ended with a meditation session (from Headspace) and a wise reminder that no matter what comes your way, don’t blame the Q 🙂

Date: 10/10/2020

QIC: Mountie

PAX: Dick Clark, Trailblazer, Foto Finish, Walle, Mountie(Q) and Brisket

Count the faces before you leave..

AO: The Rising

The Thang

Disclaimer and Warm Up with:
Arm circles
Circle Arms
Neck rotations
Motivators (aka Agitators)

Mosey to the PP (Parkor Playground)-

With coupons
10 Irkins on the coupon
10 uneven pushups, alternate hands on the coupon
20 coupon press
20 coupon curls

Quick mosey around the shed then ..
More coupons
10 Coupon swings (kettle bell with coupons)
10 Pull-ups or chin-ups or any kind of ‘ups’ with Band help (if needed)
20 Dips on the Parkor playground
20 Murder Bunnies (we missed you!)

Quick mosey down the path and back and then..
Big Bang Theory with coupons (we start in a small circle facing outwards)
10 Murder Bunnies out
10 Big boy situps (and back to our circle)
20 murder bunnies out
20 LBCs and (back to the circle)

Done with the body, now for the mind..

Headspace session- the Q listened to the Everyday Headspace session to close out the day..

COT as we mosey back to the parking lot.

Thank you to everyone for providing a place to help our minds and bodies stay sharp.

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