Good Former and the Ladder

Where: The Rising, 18 degrees (with windchill)
Who: (15 Pax) Black Hole, Cruiser, ScarU, Scar-2k, FNG Lafayette, Photo Finish, Red Card, Dick Clark, Mountie (Q), Red Coat, Mulligan, Brisket, Wall-E, Dos Equis, and Shamwow on the Zoom (welcome back Sham).

We went with a throwback workout today, all the way back to April 2020 when Zoom workouts were the new way and F3Princeton was joining other AOs all over the digital world. On one of Brisket’s trips he came across this little gem and shared it with us. We have used it a few times and it doesn’t disappoint. It’s not complicated, but it’s not easy. Two of my 2.0s used this when it was raining and they need to burn some energy and I wanted to bring it back to the in-person party.

Warm it Up-
Arm Circles, Circle arms and some stretching and
MOTIVATORS to fight the cold.

Mosey to the Pickleball court so we have room for..

The Thang-

The Ladder, 10 rounds, each exercise is 5 more than the one before.
We threw in medicine from the playlist to help with the pain.

Round 1. 5 burpees
Round 2. Round 1 and 10 Merkins
Round 3. Round 1, 2 and 15 lbcs
Round 4 .. and 20 lunges (bonus points for broadway style)
Round 5 .. and 25 mountie climbers
Round 6 .. and 30 seconds of planks
Round 7 .. and 35 American Hammers
Round 8 .. and 40 SSHs
We paused before starting Round 9 to focus on form during this round, no rush.. just good form and enjoy the process of getting better in the gloom.
Round 9 .. and 45 Big Boy Situps
Round 10 .. and 50 squats

COT – End with the SOT and appreciation for F3Princeton to give us a group to work out with.. plus F3Nation behind us share great beatdowns like this one.

Welcome FNG Lafayette! hope to see you in the regular gloom.

Thank you for letting me lead.
Be safe, healthy and keep showing up!


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