Tiger Woods

An Appreciation Workout

Written by Mulligan

Who: 8 Pax (Aviator, Scar, Brisket, Photo Finish (WELCOME BACK AGAIN!), Mulligan (Q), Dick Clark and Dos Equis, Black Hole (zoom)

Where: The Rising

What: 8 Pax joined a Tiger Woods fun learn workout.

Since the accident yesterday (2/23/21) Tiger was all over the news and Mulligan crafted his Q as a dedication this to Tiger. 

His full name is Eldrick Tont Woods

Born on Dec 30,1975, he is 45 years old . 

The Warm-Up

– Arm Circles

– Bendy Arm circles

  • Neck stretch Clockwise/anti clockwise 
  • Windmills – Running Wind Mills
  • Tippy Taps
  • IT Band stretches
  • Ankle rotations

The Thang

Lot of moseying!!👍👍

Mosey up the Route 66. 

Tiger has won 82 tour events (tied with Sam Snead) and 15 majors. He won the first major in 1997 at the age of 21. Masters. Got to #1 the same year. 

All workout counts to 15 to commemorate 15 Majors of Tiger. 

Starts with lunges X15 followed by reverse lunges X15. Followed by Squats X15

Mosey down Route 66. Faster ones moseyed back to the slowest in the group. 

American Hammers X15

CrocMerks X15

Mosey back to the parking lot. 

His mother is Thai from Bangkok and her name is Kultida. 

Burpees X15

Sideways Squats (All Blacks sound)  X15 

Mosey up Route 66. 

He wears red on Sundays. Describes his race as Caublesian. 

Body Builders X15

Imperial walkers X15

Mosey back to the lot. 

He played his best in 2000. He achieved what is now called Tiger Slam: 4 consecutive major championships. 

Mountie climbers X15

Squat jumps X15

In the year 2000, he won the US Open with a difference of 15 strokes. He was 12 under and the next guy was 3 over. Such was his dominance!

The Cool Down

Deep Breaths

Tippy Taps

Lie Down – leg drops

Cobra pose

Dog pose

Child pose

Heels to the butt. Breaths

Rise and Shine!!




Prayer –

When it’s time, may I die suddenly

While I live may I never be at anyone’s mercy

Be with me when it is my time to go,

That is all I seek Almighty

= = = = =

A poem.

Disclaimer – it is not mine and I don’t know who the author is. But I love it.

Sip your whiskey, nice and slow

No one ever knows when it’s time to go,

There’ll be no time to enjoy the glow,

So sip your whiskey nice and slow. 

Life is too short but feels pretty long,

There’s too much to do, so much going wrong,

And most of the time you struggle to be strong,

Before it’s too late and it’s time to go,

Sip your whiskey nice and slow. 

Some friends stay, others go away,

Loved ones are cherished, but not all will stay ,

Kids will grow up and fly away,

There’s really no saying how things will go,

So sip your whiskey nice and slow. 

Before you know it, seasons have changed,

Those precious little moments are part of yesterday,

Most things have turned out relatively okay,

And you finally reap what you sow,

So sip your whiskey nice and slow. 

In the end it’s really all about love,

For this world and it’s beauty and the stars above,

For His grace in your life , for each present moment,

Smile and breathe and let your worries go,

Just sip your whiskey nice and slow

= = = = =

My One Word for the year is Resilience

Let’s all live consciously and be in the moment. 

Happy to graduate from VQ to Q!! Yay!!

Honored to lead! 

Keep showing up!


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