8-13 Birthdays & Leftys

Date: 8/13/2022

AO: The Rising (Community Park, West Windsor)

Conditions: clear skies, 65 degrees, no humidity!

15 PAX: Citron, Bollywood, Cruiser, Milky Way, Marseille (FNG), Morpheus, Hitchcock, Terminator (FNG), ScarU, Grassy Knoll, Thunder, Southpaw (FNG), WallE, Heavy Metal, and Black Hole (Q).

Disclaimer: Not a professional. Don’t know your injuries. Modify as necessary. Suggestions only. Don’t sue anyone. Aye!

Today’s beatdown is inspired by birthdays of some famous folks and a day for Lefty’s.


Alfred Hitchcock was born on this day in 1899. When YHC thinks of Hitchcock, I do not think of “Strangers on a Train” (F3 Princeton movie night 6/25/22, courtesy of F3 Hitchcock). I think of “Birds”. Albatross Wings is in the F3 Exicon, so we warmed up by flapping our wings in the parking lot.

  • Arm Circles, 4-ct IC x 20 reps
  • Circle Arms, 4-ct IC x 20 reps
  • Seal Claps, 4-ct IC x 20 reps
  • Overhead Claps, 4-ct IC x 20 reps
Overhead claps

We moseyed to the field behind Green Helmet for our Thang.

Thang 1:

Fidel Castro was born on this day in 1926. This reminded YHC of Dora 1-2-3 (sorry it is a bit of a stretch). Partner up, while one pax does the reps, other runs to a goal on the field. Upon return, trade places and continue until the cumulative reps are reached.

  • Big Boi Situps, 100 reps
  • Squats, 200 reps
  • LBCs (Little Baby Crunches), 300 reps

PAX who were finished, donated reps to “pick up the six”.

(Foreground): Southpaw on Big Boi Situps, (Background):Terminator on the mosey to the lacrosse goal.

Thang 2:

Janet Yellen was born on this day in 1946. She is the 78th Treasury Secretary. Alexander Hamilton was the 1st Treasury Secretary and is on the $10 bill. Money has pyramids on them. I was inspired to do a Hamilton Pyramid as Thang 2. 10 rounds. 5 exercises, 10 reps each. Round 1, start with 1 exercise. Round 2, add 2nd exercise. Continue until Round 5 where you do all 5 exercises. Round 6 is a repeat of 5. Round 7 has exercises 1-4. Continue until Round 10, only 1 set of 1st exercise.

  1. Freddy Mercury’s, 4-ct IC x 10 reps
  2. Side-Straddle-Hops (Jumping Jacks), 4-ct IC x 10 reps
  3. Lunges, 4-ct IC x 10 reps
  4. Dancing Crabs, 4-ct IC x 10 reps
  5. Burpees, OYO x 10 reps

[Just realized that there’s no official description of what a Dancing Crab is in the F3 Exicon! Well, here it is. Starting position: Hands and feet on the ground, belly up like a tabletop. 1) While balancing on left hand and right foot, right hand and left foot reach up to touch each other. 2) Hands and feet down. 3) Left hand to right foot. 4) Hands and feet down.]

Dancing Crab

Mosey over to the Coliseum.

Thang 3:

International Lefthanders Day was established on this day in 1976. 3 left-handed pax representing today! The exercises in this segment were picked by YHC’s left-handed 2.0, Milky Way.

  • L – (Leg exercise) Step-ups, 4-ct IC x 10 reps
  • EE2Ks (left-legged), 4-ct IC x 10 reps
  • FFlutter kicks, 4-ct IC x 10 reps
  • TTempo merkins 4-ct IC x 10 reps
  • Y – Your choice: hand stand at a wall for 10 sec or Yves Poll (run backwards)
Step-ups. (Foreground: Grassy Knoll)
Supported hand stand. Looks like an upside-down Y.
WallE’s Strava trace

Count-o-rama. Name-o-rama.


  1. 6-year Manniversary of F3 Lehigh Valley on Monday, Sept 5, 2022, at Li’l Le-Hi Trout Nursery! Make plans now for a clown car to the 90min convergence beatdown!
  2. Pop-up workout with The Father Center at Mill Hill Park in Trenton on Saturday, Sept 24, at 7am. Please join if you can.

COT. YHC heard a podcast on play last week. It talked about how play is not stupid or childish. Not only does it serve an evolutionarily important role, it reduces stress and allows you to try out new strategies when you encounter conflict w people or when things go badly. Also play benefits the workplace too. Employees generally perform better when they’re having fun (listen to episode on Savannah Bananas). F3 has been mentioned as adult play for men and that we’re training to be able to better deal with the difficult times that life inevitably throws at us. Keep showing up! Share the joy!

L to R: Citron, Bollywood, Cruiser, Milky Way, Marseille (FNG), Morpheus, Hitchcock, Terminator (FNG), ScarU, Grassy Knoll, Thunder, Southpaw (FNG), WallE, Heavy Metal, and Black Hole (Q).

Coffeteria at Grover’s Mill Coffee Co.

Photo credit: Morpheus

Honored to lead.

YHC, Black Hole

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