Date: 11/5/2022

AO: The Retreat (Rosedale Park, Pennington)

Conditions: 55 degrees, some clouds

8 PAX: Dick Clark, Black Hole (Q), Dos Equis, Cruiser, Towpath, Tomahawk (FNG), WallE, and ShakenNotStirred.

Disclaimer: Not a professional. Don’t know your injuries. Modify as necessary. Suggestions only. Don’t sue anyone. Aye!

Today’s special Saturday beatdown at the Retreat is inspired by Meadows Miler, an event supporting the Princeton Child Development Institute, a school for children and adults with autism.


Motivators from 10

Getting motivated!

Thang: an exercise for each letter, 22 reps each, repeated twice. The total reps represent the frequency of children diagnosed as autistic in the US: 1 in 44.

Top left: Apolo Ohno, Top right: Imperial Squat Walker, Bottom left: Smurf Jack, Bottom right: U-shaped Twinkle Toes.

Top left: BBSU, Top right: Upside down, Bottom left: Dancing Crab, Bottom right: Rockette dips

Minutes of Merry (MOM): Going around the circle, pax called out exercises, all exercises are 10 reps each.

  1. Hello Dolly’s, 4-ct IC
  2. Scissors (on 6, cross one leg over the other, repeat w other leg on top), 4-ct IC
  3. LBCs, 1-ct IC
  4. Sit-ups, 1-ct IC
  5. Flutter kicks, 4-ct IC
  6. Gas Pumps, 4-ct IC
  7. Lounge Act, 1-ct IC, one leg then the other
  8. Rosalitas, 4-ct IC
  9. Boat-Canoe, IC

Count-o-rama. Name-o-rama. Welcome to FNG Tomahawk, EH’d by Dick Clark!

Announcements: Lots of Nov Challenges: beard, no-added sugar, merkins, burpees …

COT. Thankful for the support, to wake up another day, to get 1% better. We’re here at the Meadow Miler event to spread F3 to men in the Hopewell Valley! Let’s give it away!

L to R: Dick Clark, Black Hole (Q), Dos Equis, Cruiser, Towpath, Tomahawk (FNG), WallE, and Shaken, Not Stirred.

On site Coffeteria courtesy of YHC’s M from Deli on a Bagel.

After coffeteria, pax setup the vendor table. ScarU came over after the WW beatdown to man the booth along w Dos Equis. YHC, Milky Way, Gerrard, TowPath, and Pork Roll ran in the 10k trail run. Of note, 1) Milky Way finished 8th overall (1st in AG), 2) PorkRoll finished 10th overall (1st in AG), and 3) Gerrard finished 15th overall (3rd in AG). This was TowPath’s longest race to date, although that distinction will be short-lived as he will be running the Princeton Half Marathon next Sunday (along with YHC, MilkyWay, DickClark, and SideOut)! Graf, Downhill, and Dick Clark ran in the 5k trail run. Well done all! We had good interactions with the other vendors and visitors to the table, including an appearance by Trenton Thunder’s Boomer! Thanks again to all who helped out to make today such a great day!

Honored to lead.

YHC, Black Hole

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