Year of the (Murder) Bunny

Date: January 28, 2023

AO: The Rising (Community Park, West Windsor)

Conditions: 34 degrees, mostly cloudy

19 PAX: Grassy Knoll, Risky Business, Thunder, Brisket, Cruiser, Milky Way, Lafayette, Octave, Dick Clark, Hitchcock, Morpheus, Towpath, ScarU, RedCoat, Knight2F3, Gambit (FNG), Attila (FNG), JackSparrow (FNG), and Black Hole (Q)

Disclaimer: Not a professional. Don’t know your injuries. Modify as necessary. Suggestions only. Don’t sue anyone. Aye!

Today’s beatdown is inspired by Lunar New Year on Jan 22 and the 60-yr cycle of the Chinese calendar (12 animals in combination with 5 different elements).

Warm-a-rama Carry the coupons to the soccer field.

THANG: 12 exercises inspired by each animal of the Chinese zodiac with 5 variations for each element for a total of 60 unique exercises. 21 reps each because it’s year 4721 of the Chinese calendar.

Mouse 🐀SSHSmurf Jackhalf SSHBob HurleyStar Jump
Ox 🐂LBCBig BoiX-factorHeavy HamCrunchy Frog
Tiger 🐅MerkinChuck NorrisT-merkIrkinDerkin
Rabbit 🐇MurderMurderMurderMurderMurder
Dragon 🐉BlockieBurpeeFly SquirrelKrakenBody Builder
Snake 🐍Bear CrawlBooBoo BearSide BearCrawl BearWine Mixer
Horse 🐎MoseySide
Rev MoseyCariocaHigh Knee
Goat 🐐Crab Walk CarryCrab WalkDance CrabSide CrabDonkey Kick
Monkey 🐒HumperGorilla HumpCrab HumpSquatSumo Squat
Rooster 🐓Chicken
Arm CircleChinookBigCircleFwdArm Circle
Dog 🐕Dry DockChest Press3 Legged DogBird DogRev Dog Paddle
Pig 🐖Lounge ActWall SitBalls 2 WallTwinkle ToeAl Gore

Notes: 1) Mouse was the 1st animal to win the Jade Emperor’s race, by catching a ride on the Ox and jumping to the finish line. Exercises for the mouse is inspired by this jump. 2) This being the year of the Rabbit, the most appropriate exercise was the Murder Bunny. In honor of this year, there are no variations, every element is Murderous! 3) The Dragon, my sign, is the strongest animal in my opinion, so all exercises are based off of the Burpee! 4) The Goat is kind of a crabby animal. Other than the Donkey.

We only went through the bolded exercises above (28 of 60). For most pax, WallSit was replaced with AlGore.

Left to Right: Grassy Knoll, Risky Business, Thunder, Brisket, Cruiser, Milky Way, Knight2F3, Lafayette, Octave, Dick Clark, Hitchcock, Morpheus, JackSparrow (FNG), Attila (FNG), Towpath, ScarU, RedCoat, Gambit (FNG), and Black Hole (Q).

Count-o-rama. Name-o-rama.


Coffeteria at Grover’s Mill Coffee Co.

Honored to lead.

YHC, Black Hole

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