Isometrics & mobility

AO: ao-the-rising
Q: RedCoat
PAX: Achilles Estavillo (SideOut/JabJab/Scorpion K, Elliot Gordon, Flatbush (Malik Cobb), Fred Kelly (Grassy Knoll), Matt Hopkins (Brisket), Subramanian Triprayar (F1), Sunny The Machine Sehgal, Vijay Aluwalia (Four Seasons), W. Jason Griffith F3 Risky Business, Wayne Frost (Takedown)
FNGs: None

Mosey in place, high knees, butt kicks.
Deep squat, rock side to side to mobilize ankles. Plank to pike. Good mornings, good mornings with hands locked overhead, good mornings with hands behind head and torso rotations. Toe touches.
TABATA pairs (4 sets of 20 second work, 10 seconds rest for each movement/isometric position)

1) Active Beast holds and One legged glute bridge holds
2) Plank rocks and Curtsy Squat holds
3) Superman hold and Hollow body hold
4) Sumo squat hold and Push-up hold
5) Cossac squat hold and Reverse plank
6) Scorpion hold and Bicycle crunch hold


1) PVC pipe pass-thrus (10)
2) Around the worlds with PvC pipes (20)
3) Elbow/arm stretch with pvc pipe
4) Press outs with pvc
5) Overhead squats with pvc (10)
6) Catch the bar with pvc (10)



1) Around the circle with pvc pipes
2) Chest hold pvc pipe b/w 2 pax standing. Get down to the ground to sit and get up together without touching the bar by hands and not letting it fall

Try to get up without dropping pvc pipe from starting position on the ground face down with pvc pipe behind your back held by bent elbows.

Methods of getting weight to overhead position: strict press, push press, push jerk

Apr 6 – men suicide prevention workshop
Apr 17 – F3 Princeton 5th anniversary
April 20 – schuykill river relay

Prayer of thanks and for peace of Jerusalem

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