A workout that will live in infamy (I doubt it.)

26 degrees, 7 (!!!) pax for this 12/07 workout: Scar, Brisket, Photo Finish, Dick Clark, Dos Equis (Q) and with Mountie, and his 2.0 Nyan, FNG, now named Trooper.

Today’s workout was dedicated to our veterans for their faithful service to our country.


  • Arm Circles
  • Circle Arms
  • Shoulder Stretch
  • Tippy Taps, with “My back hurts” (standing, leaning back, bending at the waist.)
  • V-reach
  • Lounge Act

Pearl Harbor on a string:

Mosey to each end of the two parking lots, and doing 14 reps of:

  • American Hammer
  • Imperial Walker
  • Mountie Climbers
  • Shoulder Taps

Mosey to Tennis Courts

7 of Diamonds at the tennis courts:

A repeated exercise at each corner of the two tennis court area, followed by a different movement to the corners:

  • First Round:  7 flying squirrels , with knees up mosey between corners
  • Second Round: 14 merkins, with backwards run between corners
  • Third Round: 21 flutters, with right-leg-lead side shuffle to corners
  • Fourth Round:  28 squats, with left-leg-lead side shuffle to corners

During this portion of the workout, different PAX led exercises. It was special to me to have Trooper (age 10) followed by Photo Finish (age 78.)

Mosey to picnic tables: Dips at the picnic tables

Mosey to “Little Helmet”:  Bear crawl up, and backwards bear crawl down the other side.

Mosey to the Colosseum: 14 step-ups

Mosey back to shovel flag: FNG Trooper closed us out with boat/canoes.

Countarama, Namearama, the naming of the FNG Trooper.



This year-like-no-other continues to challenge us daily.  It is great to be in brotherhood with each other, where we have each other’s back in times of need.  Please continue to let your needs and those of your family be known so that we can help each other out, and to assure that we “leave no man behind.”

Give consideration of your “One Word” for 2021 – what is the one word that will lead you, guide you, direct you.  To what do you aspire? What flaw needs correction?  Forget a resolution; go with “one word.”  And then share your one word, so that the brothers can encourage you in it.  My one word for 2020 was FEARLESS.  My one word for 2021 is HOPE.

Remain durable.
Remain resilient.
Maintain hope.
Stay strong.
Stay safe.
Stay sane.

Honored to lead,

Dos Equis

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