Year of the Dragon at TheBigHouse

AO: ao-the-big-house
Q: Patrick Chow (Black Hole)
PAX: beater, Curtis Hoberman (Dos Equis), David Sherry (Bucky), Dick Clark, Harjot Pannu (Cruiser), Manish Bhansali (F3 – Aviator), Marc Rubenstein (ScarU), Ryan K. (Scrubbing Bubbles), Uday Jain (WallE), Jae Lee (Skynet), Srikanth Bondada (BabeRuth)
FNGs: None
Conditions: 34 deg
– Motivators from 10
Rt66 w flying squirrels to the Zodiac heads by the Dinky (created by Ai Weiwei)
THE THANG: Exercises inspired by the zodiac animals, along with the 5 elements provide 60 unique exercises. Only ones we did listed here:

πŸ‰ burpees x 10
🐍 bear crawl around the circle
🐎 high knees around ⭕️
🐐 mtn goat (mtn climbers w 2leg kick) 4ct IC x 10
πŸ’ humpers IC x 20
πŸ“ wing circles (elbow ⭕️) 4ct IC 10 ⏩ 10 βͺ
πŸ• 3leg dog IC 10 per 🦡
πŸ– lounge act IC 10 per 🦡
🐁 Smurf jacks 4ct IC x 20
πŸ„ big boi sit-ups IC x 20
πŸ… chuck norris merkins IC x 20
πŸ‡ murder bunnies w/o 🧱, around ⭕️
πŸ‰ kracken (burpee w 3 hand-release merkins) x 10
🐍 boo boo bear crawl around ⭕️
🐎 Carioca around ⭕️
🐐 donkey kick IC x 20
πŸ’ 🦍 humpers IC x 20
πŸ“ chinooks (🚁 arm ⭕️) 10 ⏩ 10 βͺ
πŸ• underdogs at stairs’ handrails IC x 20
πŸ– balls to the wall 20ct

MARY: Rt66 of Imperial Squat Walker (Squat Walker) back to Palmer Sq.
– Super Bowl watch party at Scar’s house
– Freed to Lead book club every Thursday
– 5yr anniversary planning
COT: Thanks to the Celestial Emperor for getting us out of the fart sack and get 1% stronger for ourselves, our families and our communities.

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