Here comes the (November) sun!

Welcomed the PAX to the Monday morning beatdown with the disclaimer.  Since this was the first beatdown after turning back the clocks it was bright enough in the gloom so that we could actually see our physical-distant brothers!  The brisk dawn, with an almost full-moon setting, called for a beatdown that kept us moving.   Warmup:ICContinue reading “Here comes the (November) sun!”

Canadian Thanksgiving 2020

AAR for F3 Princeton – 6:30 am, October 12, 2020 Pax: Brisket, DickClark, Mountie, DosEquis, PhotoFinish, WallE (Q) Warmup:ArmCircles and CircleArms, WindMills, SlowSquats, TippyTaps (10-11 reps each) Thang:Dirty MacDeuce – with 2 modifications1) The rain kept us in the pavilion so the Run was substituted with [~1 minute run-in-place, 15 SSHs, 3 Burpees, 15 SSHs,Continue reading “Canadian Thanksgiving 2020”