Just Another Merkin Monday

34 Degrees,  7 pax:  Mulligan, Brisket, Dick Clark, Mountie, WallE, Photo Finish, and Dos Equis, Q Warm Ups:  Arm circles, Circle arms, Hillbillies, Shoulder stretch, V-reach, Lounge Act. (XX count each, of course) Mosey round the parking lot. At the pavilion, the Thang: “Stand By Your Man”: in pairs, alternating roles in cadence: One pax doesContinue reading “Just Another Merkin Monday”

HaBBy New Year, Vaccine!

Date: 1/2/2021 15 PAX: Milky Way (Q), Black Hole, Photo Finish, Dos Equis, Brisket, Trailblazer, Dick Clark, Red Coat, Cruiser, WallE, Mountie, Trooper, Munchies, Red Card, and Mulligan AO: The Rising Second day of the year. We welcome the New Year and the vaccine with an exercise with each letter (and then some). There’re noContinue reading “HaBBy New Year, Vaccine!”

F3 Princeton celebrates F3’s 10th birthday

Where: The Rising at West Windsor Community Park, 9 am, January 1, 2021Who: Wall-E (Q), Sandman and Sweaty Palms (F3Nolensville TN), Trail Blazer, Six String, Dick Clark, Photo Finish, Mountie, Dos Equis, Brisket, Milky Way, Black Hole, Bollywood, ScarU and Full Circle in the zoom. 15 (2 virtual) PAX assembled at the Princeton AO toContinue reading “F3 Princeton celebrates F3’s 10th birthday”