inTENtionally inTENse – The Boss Edition (S1E2)

AO: backblasts
Q: Achilles Estavillo (SideOut/JabJab/Scorpion King)
PAX: Curtis Hoberman (Dos Equis), Manish Bhansali (F3 – Aviator), Uday Jain (WallE)
FNGs: None
“The Boss” is not the Prison Warden or “The Boss” among all the prisoners.  “The Boss” refers to B. Springsteen.  He has the song “Dancing in the Dark”

You can’t start a FIRE 🔥
You can’t start a FIRE 🔥 without a SPARK 🧨
This gun’s 💪 for hire (my lyric – This Q is tired)
Even if we’re just dancin’ in the dark (my lyric – Cause we keep dancing in the gloom)

It’s also Groundhog Day, so the Thang kept repeating (repeato)…

WARMUP: Prisoner Warm-ups
Prisoner Squats (Low Squat with hand behind head then jump up)- 10c
Prisoner Get Up (No Surrender) – 5up
Prisoner Merkins ( low plank use wrist to get up) – 5up
Shawshank (would have been better if still raining) – 10c

Count started at TEN increased by then TEN every round since it’s inTENtionally inTENse series…

Thang1-4: (10-40 counts) – all with coupon 🧱 – SPARK 🧨
S – Shoulder Press
P – Pump up The Squats
A – Am Hams
R – Rows
K – Kettle Bell Swings

Thang5: (50 count) – 2 with coupon 🧱; 2 without – FIRE 🔥
F – Flutters with coupon
I – Imperial Walkers
R – Rosalita with coupon
E – Elbow to Knee

See Slack Channels for all communications/deets
1. Different AO workouts.
2. AC 1 year anniversary.
3. Different fellowship runs – Cupid run 5k / Philly Love 1/2 marathon
1. Last night book club discussion.  All points brought up were good.  There are take aways from it.
2. Try working out at other AOs.
3. Health – Get your Medical Annual check.  It helps in keeping healthy.
4. Life’s wheel turning; one day you’re on top, next day you’re at the bottom.  Keep it turning…

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