The Big House 13

AO: ao-the-big-house
Q: Ryan K. (Scrubbing Bubbles)
PAX: Uday Jain (WallE), Dick Clark, beater, Skynet, Noodle, Curtis Hoberman (Dos Equis)
FNGs: None
– Arm Circle / Circle Arm
– Windmill
– DC Stretches (overhead, out front, touch ground, thunder stretch)
– Mosey to parking garage.
– On the way, side shuffle (both sides), karaoka (both sides)

13 Floors of Hill-Ten, Big House style
PAX perform 15 reps of each exercise then sprint up 2 ramps of the garage and back down (or 3 if modifying up :muscle: )
– Burpees (get the hard one out of the way)
– 15 Floors of the Hilton
– 15 reps and after each exercise, sprint up hill and return
1. Burpees (get the hard one out of the way)
2. Imperial Walkers
3. LBCs
4. SSH / Hopkins
5. Merkins
6. Big Boi Sit-ups
7. Freddy Mercurys (take a bicycle tour)
8. Wall Sit
9. American Hammers
10. Hello Dolly’s
11. Mountie Climbers
12. Rope Pulls (Annapolis)
13. Apollo Ohnos (upcoming snow)

Mosey back to square

Plank-o-Rama (7count, 1 for each pax)
– regular plank
– Right arm up
– Left arm up
– Right leg up
– Left leg up

– TOMORROW 2 new AOs starting up – the OAK and ???
– Clown cars to Atlantic City being arranged for Saturday, 5a or earlier departure
– F3 Princeton 5th Anniversary workout coming up on 4/13, mark calendars and brainstorm an appropriately epic entrance!

– Prayers for the health of a family member undergoing chemo, for kids navigating or planning for college admissions, and for resilience to weather moods, stress, and seasonal gloom

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