Festival of Lights

Where: The Rising, West Windsor Community ParkWho: 17 Pax attended!! Dos Equis, ScarU (Q), Scar2K, Cruiser, FNG The UX, PhotoFinish, Trail Blazer, Red Coat, Dick Clark, Mountie, Trooper, Black Hole, Milky Way, RedCard, Brisket and Brewster and Wall-E in the zoom. (Written by ScarU)Hanukkah- is a Jewish festival commemorating the rededication of the Second TempleContinue reading “Festival of Lights”

A workout that will live in infamy (I doubt it.)

26 degrees, 7 (!!!) pax for this 12/07 workout: Scar, Brisket, Photo Finish, Dick Clark, Dos Equis (Q) and with Mountie, and his 2.0 Nyan, FNG, now named Trooper. Today’s workout was dedicated to our veterans for their faithful service to our country. Warm-up Arm Circles Circle Arms Shoulder Stretch Tippy Taps, with “My backContinue reading “A workout that will live in infamy (I doubt it.)”

Hot Potato – Exterminator Q2

Written by Exterminator Where – The Rising AO, 33 degrees Pax (7) – Dick Clark, Mountie, Brisket, Dos, Photo finish, Scar U, Exterminator (Q) In honor of the Tyson vs Jones fight we played hot potato. A jump rope rotated around with each Pax member doing 100 jumps. Rotating through the whole workout!  Warmup – Side straddleContinue reading “Hot Potato – Exterminator Q2”