Workin’ the (sand)bag

AO: backblasts
Q: Ryan K. (Scrubbing Bubbles)
PAX: Curtis Hoberman (Dos Equis), Uday Jain (WallE), beater, JM ROONEY (GROVER), Dustin Crosby (Kolisi), Patrick Chow (Black Hole), David Sherry (Bucky), switchblade
FNGs: None
Arm circle / circle arms
Weed pickers
DC stretches
Mosey ~500 m


Round 1
Tabata-style workout with human timer.
2 PAX alternate doing 3 intervals each of 10 reps exercise with a 50lb sandbag. 10 count in between

During intervals, remaining PAX do AMRAP exercise
Between intervals, remaining PAX rest
After 3 intervals, the PAX working the bag carry it for 1/2 lap around the parking lot while remaining PAX plank

Repeat until all PAX have had a turn

Mosey ~ 500m

Round 2

Same as Round 1, but this time each PAX does 1 round of 10 exercises at the bag, for a more “rapid fire” sequence

Exercises done by PAX not on the bag included
– Merkin
– Big Boi
– Burpee
– Bobby Hurley
– Fluttah
– Freddie Mercury
– Imperial Walker
– …and more!

MARY: nope

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Possible Friday night fish fry 2nd F activity during Lent.

COT: Several PAX working to (re)establish a solid wake up early routine

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