Nassau Hall “50k”s with coupons

AO: backblasts
Q: Skynet
PAX: Alex (Spine) Englert, beater, Curtis Hoberman (Dos Equis), Dick Clark, Manish Bhansali (F3 – Aviator), Marc Rubenstein (ScarU), Srikanth Bondada (BabeRuth), Vijay Aluwalia (Four Seasons), Uday Jain (WallE)
FNGs: None
Side straddle hops
Arm circles
Circle arms
Imperial walkers

Sets of 50 reps interspersed with K-shaped moseys (“50k’s”) basking in the glow of Nassau Hall

1. Burpees in big bang formation
– Start off in plank shoulder to shoulder forming a circle
– Explode out of circle 10 paces and do 15 burpees, return back to plank circle waiting for the 6
– Explode out for 10 burpees, return to plank circle
– Mosey the straight portion of the K
– Rinse and repeat 15 and 10 burpees in big bang formation
– Mosey the diagonal portions of the K

2. (Coupon curls x 25, mosey) x 2

3. (Coupon overhead press x 25, mosey) x 2

4. (Kettle bell swings x 25, mosey) x 2

5. (Shoulder tap merkins x 25, mosey) x 2

6. (Coupon AmHams x 25, mosey) x 2

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Good luck to the 9 pax participating in the Schuylkill 50k relay

COT: Grateful to have this time and space to come together, forget the worries of normal life for 45 mins, get stronger and enjoy fellowship with our brothers

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