Active mobility

AO: backblasts
Q: RedCoat
PAX: Hitchcock (Randy Sherman), Subramanian Triprayar (F1), Elliot Gordon, Attila (Jeremy Stitts), Matt Hopkins (Brisket), Wayne Frost (Takedown), Tom Yanagi (Whistleblower), W. Jason Griffith F3 Risky Business, Charriot, his son (forgot F3 name), Hat Trick, Canuck, BedPan
FNGs: 3 Hat Trick, Canuck, BedPan

WARMUP: run in place, high knees, butt kicks, toe touches, windmills, groiners
All sets are 10,15,20 or 30 reps. All holds are count of 20 or 30.

PVC pipe active mobility:
Bar on shoulders good mornings
Bar press outs from behind head
Lean on bar leg swings, same but lateral leg swings
Rotator calf / elbow pipe stretch
Pipe Pass thrus
Pipe Around the world
Bar behind back grabbed with both hands, hands as close as possible hold
Bar on top of shoulder blades windmills
Bar on shoulders forward lunges, back lunches, side lunges
Face down, bar held overhead, Superman holds * 2
On your back, bar held overhead, hollow holds * 2
Face down, bar held overhead, press outs from behind head
Bar on shoulders squats
Bar on shoulders hands locked behind head squats
Bar on shoulders from lunge starting position high knee kick (alternating)
On your back, bar held in front, legs raises to the bar
Overhead squats
Overhead squat hold
Challenge: pipe passthrus from behind back

Merkins low position hold
Active beast hold
Glute bridge hold, one legged glute bride hold
One arm plank hold
Curtsy squat hold
Side plank hold

Tennis ball calf smash
Tennis ball glute smash
Wrists stretch
Download dog stretch

Good luck to all our runners today!
F3 Princeton table at Pennington Day
Gettisburg marathon next weekend.

Prayer of thanks, for health, wellbeing and prosperity of all pax.

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